These are the kinds of comments we hear from our clients every day:


I wanted to mention to you that I now have a waiting list  that works for me. I am charging a lot more  than I had been, and my close rate is inching up to the (!) intolerable, but the result of both is that I have a full calendar of commitments from clients from now  (late October) through the middle of November. Pretty soon I won’t have spots available until December!

I love knowing that I can commit the right amount of time to each client–and get paid for doing so. Thanks for offering this sage advice. I now need to learn how not to check my email until 2 hours into my day!

Amy L. Adler, MBA, MA, CARW
Five Strengths Career Transition Experts


Kick Butt is not a greed-based ‘me-first’ aggressive sales approach.  It’s about entering into and developing win-win relationships.  Before we were halfway through I was able to announce to the class that my income had skyrocketed.

Maureen Heinen


Pat’s coaching gave me an instant ROI of 700%+. In our first phone call, she gave me an approach I used the same day. It had me and my client sharing a laugh while I took down his credit card number for a 5-figure project.

As a top performing salesperson, I thought I knew my stuff—but Pat significantly raised my game. Oh, and she got me out of the cubicle and fulfilling my dream of being a highly successful work-at-home mom. You can’t afford not to invest in her services!

Kim Mohiuddin, NCRW, CJSS


In my first 15 minutes in the program my business development coach, Pat Schuler, reminded me to give my clients what they really want, not what I think they need. I did, and as a result I earned $30,000 in less than a week  from a single presentation. The program gets right to the heart of defining and solving sales and marketing problems fast.

Alex Mandossian
Founder of


Pat Schuler’s Kick Butt Sales Training Program™ is a “must do" for entrepreneurs, coaches, and anyone who has a product or service to sell. Pat gave me the expertise and confidence to promote my career coaching services and the result was increased revenue!

If promoting your services is the part of your business that you dread, Pat’s program is your answer. You will be empowered, focused, and more confident in your sales activities. Pat’s system works!

Lacy Nelson


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts last year introducing the program to our sales team. Our 2001 revenues were again up by 57%. Your sales coaching strategies and tactics really helped us achieve this during a very difficult economic time.

If the Jedi Knights did business consulting I’m sure it would be just like yours! Thanks again!

Kirk VanDeBerg
Chief Field Operations Executive
TeamQuest Corporation


I contacted Pat to work on a very specific issue I was having with my sales process. Even though I had a sales background, I found Pat’s questions and sales/consulting advice to be extremely helpful in restructuring this process. Three years later, I am still using what she taught me and I am totally kicking butt.

Randi Bussin, CCMC
Reach Personal Branding Strategist


I’ve been in sales for over twenty years. Of the many sales guru’s courses I have taken, yours is the first and only one that honors both my and my clients integrity. Thank you!

This program is not only phenomenally revenue producing. It is also uniquely cost and time effective. It fills that essential post-seminar/workshop void and totally eliminates the “pep rally effect”. Skill sets and insights deepen and multiply with each session. The result is measurable and lasting change for the individual rep and the company’s bottom line.

Mahlia Riebeling, M.A., CPCC
Consultant, Coach, Counselor


Wow! What a difference a year can make! Last year about this time you started me out on the program and what a difference your precise, detailed follow up coaching sessions have made in my business and personal life.

Bottom line, it has meant much more cash in my pockets and in my investments because of your stress on focus. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and bank account).

Ray Quinn
Certified Financial Planner
Total Financial Planning


I used the Kick Butt Sales Training™ method and truly felt like it was a level playing field.  I had a new client committed in only five minutes! 

This was really freeing and really fun.  If just a few weeks ago, you’d told me I would be saying something like that, I’d have said you were crazy.

Bottom line, for someone who came into this program dreading, almost hating the sales conversation, I have to sell you that I am no longer scared to have sales conversations  now.  I am no longer anxious.

Janet Roper
Animal Communicator


If you want a rrrrrrreally good answer, take the Kick-Butt Sales Training™ program offered by Pat Schuler. She is possibly the only one in the world who could have taken the scary out of sales for me. She offers a wonderful approach that doesn’t leave the salesperson (that all of us are) feeling slimy and manipulative.

Jeri Hird Dutcher, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP


The event was great practice ground for everything we have worked on in class, and I felt a huge shift in my experience of initial contact with potential clients.  The “this is not for everyone” approach was authentic and appreciated by the people who stopped to speak with me.  I think I have found a critical marketing mix; the right environment of like minded people and the attitude of “this is not for everyone” seems to create a feeling of affiliation and camaraderie during that first conversation, and has me excited about following up with the contacts that I have made.

I am so very grateful to Pat, for her open acceptance and her genuine commitment to seeing each of us as capable of more than we may see for ourselves. And thanks to you all for sharing these past few weeks with me.

Jina Penn-Tracy


Thank you for your fabulous presentation to the Dakota Business Partners group this morning.  You have ignited a lot of powerful ideas that I’m very excited to try!

Also, thank you for “Power of Questions” and using massage as an example – that was very helpful for me -and for the confidence to use the skills you have imparted to us.  I would also like to add that I have found all the exercises valuable.

Aurora Grabski
Massage Therapist


Thank you Pat! I just wanted you to know that I am implementing what you told me regarding sales closing. Since our call I have had 2 sales pitches, and I closed them both (one call each).

Jewel Bracy DeMaio


Your program not only helped me obtain my personal goal of $1.2 million in revenue, with which I would have been delighted. I exceeded it by $400,000!  At the same time, the program urged the importance of scheduling time for myself, just as I do for business.

By following the system and techniques, I exceeded my quota by 50% and achieved the elite Flight of Eagles status in my company. This is the top one-half percent of over 600 salespeople in my division. We were one of only thirty couples to enjoy a luxurious 6-day trip to Nevis in the Caribbean, in a five star resort.

I decided to order my long-dreamed-of silver Mercedes to celebrate my accomplishments and to remind me what I’m capable of. The amazing thing is that I accomplished all this while taking better care of myself than before, instead of getting tired and burned out. I don’t see how I survived without my revenue coach.

Kathy Pruitt
Home Health Sales Specialist
3M Corporation


In the class on Tuesday, you gave me two new pieces of information which had immediate returns. I had the most number of sales closings ever yesterday – including two which I doubt I would have closed in the past. I listened more to find their level of need – and stopped asking “why.”

Robin Schlinger, CARW, CFRW


I’ve been working on my Elevator Speech for three years.  My new version is much stronger as a result of our session today.  By itself, it’s worth the fee for the entire program

Barbara Charlton, GRI
RES Realty


I’m adamant about not being a pushy sales person.  Then Kick Butt Sales Training™ came along.  The tag line “without being pushy” sold me.  What I discovered was an individuality in the teaching.  Pat repeatedly gave each person the precise words they needed in varied situations.  And if it didn’t fit for me, we reworked it together until it did. 

I’m proud to say that I made dramatically more this month than I have in any previous month in my last eight years of business.

Beth Woodward
Chief Executive Kid


I always considered myself a strong salesperson and effective negotiator, and my business was very successful, but I was working really long hours for that success.  I was giving up my recharge time and family time on evenings and weekends.
Your training and coaching very quickly gave me the tools I needed to cut my time by at least 10 hours each week.  While others may be going backwards in this economy, I’m actually ahead of last year by 11%. 
Just goes to show you can teach even this old dog some new tricks.

Marty Weitzman
Gilbert Resumes


"I have renewed confidence in my sales ability.  My elevator speech will never be the same.  My investment in time was small, the value was phenomenal!"

Cindy Virtue


I started my business in 1999. As with any new business, I experienced difficulties with cash flow and growing my client base during the first 3 years. Within weeks of beginning program, I was awarded a contract with a governmental agency worth half of my last years net earnings.

This is the kind of relationship I’d been hoping and trying to create with this agency to ensure cash flow, but I didn’t know how to make sure they would choose me. I didn’t know how to stand out from the pack, let alone get them to say “yes”.

With the business development coaching and preparation I obtained the contract. With this contract-and all the additional business I gained using the business development systems provided, my business increased over 30% in our first year of work together.

I am truly thankful that you are on my side and part of my business.

Lorie A. Brown, RN, MN, JD
Brown Law Office