Why Should I Buy From You . . . Show Me!


“Why should I buy from you?”  Whether your prospect says it aloud or just inside their head, what they’re really wondering is:

  • Can you solve my problem? 
  • Can you help me get where I need to go? 
  • Is this all high flown theory to you? 
  • Is this something you just read about, or maybe attended a webinar on? 
  • Have you really walked in my shoes? 
  • Do you know my fear and frustration? 
  • Have you actually lived though my problem?

These are the things your prospect is really wondering. 

All these annoying questions?  Yep.

All those bothersome objections… and just when you’re all ready to take the purchase order or the credit card. 

They’re Not Buying. What Are They Saying?

When you can’t close, when you can’t convert the prospect to a client, this is what the prospect is really telling you:  “You haven’t convinced me.  I’m not convinced it’s you who are the answer to my problems, much less my prayers.”

If you can’t solve your prospect’s important problem, nothing else matters.

Why would most people pay you serious money?  Because they have nothing better to do with their time or with their money?  Especially in a universe where a simple Google search on a topic brings back 18 million potential free resources?  Why pay you when they could read 30, 50 or 100 articles and blogs and put the pieces together for themselves?

Aside:  For those of you wrangling Pet Rocks or Singing Fish style products or services, this is the wrong place for you.  I’m talking to coaches and consultants who make a dramatic difference in their clients’ lives and businesses versus the transient $20 impulse and curiosity buy.

So, what problem do you solve best?  If you’re not sure, this is a great piece of the “why should I buy from you” puzzle to explore.  Where to start?  Here are a few places you can start right away.

Take Action:  Make This Your Own

  1. Ask yourself "what problem do you solve" – in your clients’ words?
  2. If you’re not sure, consider a round of follow up calls or emails to get their exact words. (If you’re like most consultants, you may be in for a few surprises here).
  3. Use their exact words to convey concisely what problem you do solve – in their eyes.
  4. Drop me an e-mail – let me know how you closing rate improves.

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