Selling: Voodoo or Bullet-Proof Process?

Selling: Voodoo or Bullet-Proof Process?

Ever hear yourself wondering something like, "why is selling so hard?"

Or asking yourself:

  • Why does selling have to be so uncomfortable?
  • Why does my prospect have to ask all those annoying questions?
  • Why are there objections?
  • Why can’t my prospects just say yes?
  • Even better, why can’t they ask me to take their money? 

These are the laments of people who think that selling is somehow magical and mystical. I call it the Voodoo School of Selling.

If this is you, I’m not trying to be insulting. But, be honest, isn’t there a part of you that wishes you could just drink a magic elixir – like Love Potion Number 9 in the old song from the 60s? If there were such a magic potion, would you be standing toward the front of the line – ready to hand over your hard earned cash?

I truly hate to burst your bubble. There’s no magic wand solution for this problem. (If you find one, let me know – we’ll partner up and we’ll each have our own Caribbean island in six weeks…  very big islands).

Selling isn’t magic, it isn’t voodoo, and it isn’t a curse to put up with just so you can keep your business going.

Selling is a Process – Not Voodoo or Magic

Selling doesn’t need to be a mystery. Done right, selling is a series of steps that, when followed consistently, allow you to get better, more comfortable, and more skilled.

Selling is – in other words – a process.

Consider some examples.

Say you bought a kit that let you make a model helicopter. Would you reasonably expect to end up with a good facsimile of a helicopter without reading the instructions and following the directions?

Or if you were excited to make a clay pot, would you know what to do if you sat down in front of a potter’s wheel for the first time and someone plopped a lump of damp clay in front of you?

Watercolor painting?  That’s still an esoteric mystery to me, even after instructions. Maybe that’s the way you feel about selling. 🙂

But what if there’s a step-by-step process? Doesn’t that take most of the mystery out of it?

If you can put together Ikea furniture or follow a recipe, you can follow a process that goes from your first words to asking for the money and getting a ‘yes.’ Each step can be crystal clear.

With a strong process, if you don’t get the client you can figure out where things went off the track, instead of believing it was blind luck or lack of skill. You can make a small change each time until you get comfortable – and get the money.

Without a strong process, you’re making it up each time, playing it by ear during each prospect conversation. What chance do you have of improving if that’s your approach?

You can continue to believe that selling is some kind of esoteric magic or voodoo. It certainly makes a good excuse for not learning how to be effective at selling. And there’s no denying it’s dramatically easier to see it as magic than it is to see yourself doing the necessary work to get better at it.

It’s up to you to decide – but which one creates a better life for you and your family?

Take Action – Make This Your Own

Give yourself 15 minutes of still time. No multi-tasking, no email or cell phones. Ask yourself some questions:

  1. Do I think selling is really hard?
  2. Do I feel like customers are unpredictable? Like I can never guess what they’ll do?
  3. Do I wish it were simple and straightforward, like asking, “Would you like fries with that order?”
  4. If I knew what I was doing, what to expect, would it be easier? So much less stressful?
  5. What one action can I take to change the way I approach having the money conversation?

It really is your choice how to look at selling – magic or solid process. Which are you going to choose?


Share a comment: what’s your secret wish for making the sales conversation easy and magical?


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