Hit a Sales Dry Spell? 5 Surefire Tactics to Start Making Rain

Hit a Sales Dry Spell?  5 Surefire Tactics to Start Making Rain

The dreaded Sales Dry Spell.  It happens to virtually every coach or consultant.

Experienced businesspeople know it as a fact of life.  Your business is just cruising along splendidly and all of a sudden, things get quiet.  Cue the spooky music, thunder and lightning.  Sales aren’t closing.  Nothing’s moving forward. 

What happened?  You didn’t change anything.  Where did the magic go?  How do you get your mojo back in time?

The Sales Dry Spell.  What’s Going On?

The sales dry spell is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face in your business.  When you begin to suspect you’re not getting a Yes  from your prospects, you first hope it’s just a fluke or that you’re imagining things.  When it lasts a little longer, you start to wonder “Is it real?” or “What’s going on?”

At some point, you must face the inescapable.  You’re not closing.  And haven’t been for a while.

Then the really insidious stuff begins.  You wonder what you’re doing wrong.  You wonder where your skill went.  Was your previous success just luck – nothing to do with skill or competence?  Is the other shoe finally dropping – on your head?

Then your confidence and self-esteem begin that downhill slide like a bobsled at the Olympics.  You start to feel desperate.  And, worst of all, your prospects start to hear it in your voice.

What do you do to end the sales dry spell?  How on earth do you climb out of the hole?

How to Start Making Rain:  5 Tactics to End a Sales Dry Spell

So you need to start making rain.  Here are 5 surefire tactics that have proven effective for my clients – they’ll work for you too.

  1. Keep track of your numbers.  You don’t need a CRM or an elaborate spread sheet (though feel free to use them if you already have them in place).  You just need a 3×5 card or the equivalent.   Keep it by your phone and update it every single day, no exceptions.  It only takes seconds, and it keeps you from making up stories in your mind about how badly – or how well – things are going.  What to track?  1) How many conversations started or voice-mails left.  2) How many actual conversations with a live person.  3) How many actual prospects (people who are a good fit for you) do you discover during these conversations.  4) How many closes.
  2. Take an inventory of who you’re talking to, and examine if the client profile has changed.  One of my clients hired an SEO guru to revamp his site.  To his great dismay, his high end branded web site was suddenly attracting prospects who expected one quarter of his typical fee.  Even the most talented may not be able to close prospects for 4X more than they want to pay. 
  3. Check your pipeline – how’s it looking?  Maybe it isn’t as full as it needs to be.  For most of us, a full pipeline equals confidence.  A lean pipeline means we have to make every conversation a close… or at least, that’s the way it feels.  Do a pipeline review.  Do you have enough high-caliber fish in your pond?  If not, is this a factor that could be causing you to clench?
  4. Take your sales process apart – from stem to stern.  From the first words out of your mouth (or the first email) to the close and the terms and conditions.  What have you changed?  What are you leaving out or glossing over?  What have you added that wasn’t there when you were closing consistently?
  5. Take a look outside your business.  Is something in another facet of your life keeping you from focusing on your business?  Is a family illness or a relationship problem rearing its head and taking attention and time that used to be going to your business?

Take Action – Make This Your Own

Pick one of the five tactics above and get started.  Then work your way through the remaining tactics.

If you still can’t see what the issue is, get a set of objective eyes.  Look to your inner circle for a friend who is process-oriented and neutral, someone who has no agenda regarding you.  Get them to look at your processes, before and after. 

If you don’t have that person in your inner circle, please seek out at trusted resource from your network.

This is a place where your investment in a serious professional will bring a huge ROI.  Sometimes the issue is obvious to someone not so close to the problem.  Sometimes it’s more subtle and can take some probing. Either way, a set of objective eyes can get you out of the sales dry spell and back to making rain exponentially faster than you’ll get there by yourself.

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Share a comment: what else have you found that helps you get out of a dry spell?


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    I love the specific suggestions, Pat. And thanks for the reminder that we don’t have to use fancy technology tools to get the job done. If it’s a choice between (1) putting off learning how to use a CRM (once you’ve decided which to purchase) and (2) immediately beginning to gather powerful data on an index card, it’s clear that Door Number Two will get you further ahead faster.

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