Gladiator Selling – Would You Get a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down?

Gladiator sales - portrait of gladiator in armor

What if your selling skills were the equivalent of gladiator training back in ancient Rome? 

  • If you were facing a big cat, would you end up as kitty kibble?
  • If you went into the arena would you get massacred by another gladiator (salesperson)?
  • Or would you perhaps win against a mediocre competitor, only to get the thumbs down from Caesar?
  • Would you even know how to hold the sword or shield?

Are these images a little too close to how you feel each time you have a prospect conversation? Does it feel like life or death for your business?

Should it?

In The Arena

As a coach or consultant, you know your skills and experience set you apart from your competition.  Your expertise is worth your client’s investment because you can make a life or death difference for them

But how do you get them to see that?  To discern the difference between you and your able peers in your industry or specialty? How do you even get the chance to begin the conversation?

If you’re not starting as many conversations as you’d like, it could be that your value statement (value proposition, USP, Elevator Speech) isn’t as crystalline as it could be.

When you talk about your business or service, is it instantly clear why prospects should talk to you?  What do you do differently and why – and why that matters to them?

Is it clear to them what will their world be like without you?  And what will it be like with you at their side?

Winning the Battle

When you can answer the above questions clearly, succinctly and confidently, you at least have a shield and a sword at your command as you approach new sales.

And while you may never acquire the skills of a Roman gladiator, you can get the basic selling skills you need to save your business – or make it prosper at new levels.  And you can do so in just weeks.

Take Action – Make This Your Own

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why should your prospect give up even 10 minutes of their day to respond to your email or voice mail?
  2. What do you do differently from others who are offering your service – and why?
  3. Why should your prospective clients care?
  4. What will their world be like without you?

If this isn’t as straightforward as you thought it would be contact me.

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Share a comment: what  have you discovered you can say to your prospects to help them understand why you’re different – and why they need you?

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