Do You Have a Business or a Hobby? 4 Serious Questions to Tell You Which


So you’ve been working on your business for a while. You think you’ve been doing the right stuff.  You’re certainly trying hard.  But things just don’t seem to gel.

You’ve read the amazing success stories of people who tripled their business overnight.  You’re at least as smart as those guys.  They’re certainly not working harder or longer.

You’ve got hundreds of hours of free webinars under your belt, and the white papers and special reports you’ve collected could fill a good size dumpster.  You’ve probably even ponied up for a business development online tutorial program or two. 

So what’s missing? (And p.s. – the last thing you need is happy-ending pep talk).

When is it Fair to be Frustrated? 

It’s fair to be frustrated at any point.  Just don’t expect a lot of sympathy.  There are always hundreds who think their road is rougher than yours.

The key is not to let frustration take you out of the game.  Don’t let frustration freeze you in place.  Don’t let it turn to depression, lethargy, sloth or hopefulness.

Okay, great idea, Pat!  You’re so smart.  How!? 

Start by Dealing with the Frustration

Let’s get the frustration out of your way before getting on to the next step.  First, start with a few suggestions to get your energy going:

  • Stay physically active each day.  Sitting at a desk all day, in front of a computer starts to turn your energy into the equivalent of oatmeal.  You might not notice this if you’re fueling the gig on Mountain Dew or coffee.  Even a walk up and down the stairs or around the block can get things moving.
  • I know it’s sacrilege, but you may want to cut down on the caffeine and sugar – just until you get clear.
  • Find someone more challenged than you and help them out, even if only for 10 minutes.   Cut the grass for the elderly neighbor.   Volunteer for an organization that needs you, and expect nothing back.  You’ll get energy moving and enhance your self esteem.  You will be surprised at the returns.

4 Questions to Tell You if You Have a Business or a Hobby

Now that you’ve cleared your head, it’s time to ask yourself the four tough questions:

  1. Are you totally invested in making your business a success or are you just going through the motions?  Sleeping late, working a few hours a day, focusing on non-essentials?
  2. Are you only partially committed?  By that I mean, do you want your business to be a success, but not badly enough to try new things, get uncomfortable and admit you don’t have all the answers and get expert guidance?
  3. Are you just kidding yourself that you’ve got a viable business or are you really working on a hobby where you occasionally get some money for your effort?
  4. Do you really think your business is working or are you hanging on to it because the alternative is going back to your old life?

If you have to candidly answer “yes” to any of these questions, take a hard look at the business or hobby question.  There’s nothing wrong with a hobby, unless you’re expecting it to pay the rent. 

But, if you need to be able to say with pride that you have a business that’s paying the bills – and it’s just not happening – then you need to look for outside help.  If you already had the internal resources you needed, you’d be getting the results you wanted.

So be candid with yourself and reach out – please get the support of a serious coach, consultant or mentor to help you fill in the holes in your business.  If the holes can’t be filled, then it’s time to do yourself a favor and move on, however hard that may be.

Take Action – Make This Your Own

  • Set aside 30 minutes to candidly ask yourself the 4 questions, with the proviso that you’ll make a decision at the end of that time to look for help or move on.
  • Share a comment on what’s dragging you down and revving up your frustration level when it comes to your business right now.
  • Alternately, share which of the suggestions here really pushed you out of the doldrums?

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Share a comment – which of the suggestions here really pushed you out of the doldrums?


    • Pat Schuler says

      Maureen, very wise words.
      I also like finding somehthing I can compliment a person on. It makes both of us feel better.

    • Pat Schuler says

      Maureen, very wise words.
      I also like finding something I can compliment a person on. It makes both of us feel better.

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