Bounce Back Fast – 11 Tools in 60 Seconds


So your day started pretty well, but now it’s all gone wrong.  How do you bounce back?  How do you get back on track –  quickly?

Many of my clients are professional salespeople, and most professional sales people don’t have hours, days, or weeks to lick their wounds.  Neither do you.

Take some tips from the pros when it comes to getting your balance back.  Here are 11 Bounce Back Tools (in no particular order) that you can use to bounce back fast.

11 Bounce Back Fast Tools

  1. Try inspiring music – restore your faith.
  2. Crank some kick-butt music – get your energy back.
  3. Get physical – physical activity boosts your endorphins and mood.
  4. Take the lesson – suck it up, vow not to repeat the mistake, move on.
  5. Laugh – cartoons, videos, sitcoms, favorite movies.
  6. Take action – pick one step, one call, one letter, one meeting, and do it.
  7. Walk – get a change of scenery by yourself or with a buddy.
  8. Talk it out – get it off your chest with a neutral buddy or coach.
  9. Review your major goal – remember what it’s all about and make certain you’re committed and clear.
  10. Take stock of the rest of your life – are you and your loved ones healthy?  Is your life otherwise good? Keep perspective.
  11. Compare – put your challenges in perspective.  Is it nearly as bad as you first thought?

Sales pros have to bounce back quickly, or they don’t survive.  So do business owners, consultants, and coaches.  80% of the battle is taking action.  Make the decision and move on. 

Take Action – Make This Your Own

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Pick one tool above and use it – now.
  3. Let me know in the comments:  How did it work?

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