Are Great Salespeople Born or Made: What If You’re an Introvert?

Are great salespeople born or made? Picture of shy businessman.

Are great salespeople born or made? As a consultant or coach, why do you care?

Maybe because a huge percentage of coaches and consultants find themselves on the introvert end of the scale. 

Introverted? Where Do You Fit on the Scale?

On those personality assessments, when you see a question like, “For relaxation, I prefer to meet friends and go out on the town, or read a book or work on a project at home,” you shudder at the idea of the noise and crowds.  

You love the delivery part of the business.  You get extreme satisfaction when you see your clients change or acquire new skills or take their business to the next level.  You love making a difference.

Then you think about all the other things you need to do for your business – the networking, the prospect conversations, asking for the money, setting expectations and dealing with conflict.  Is your reaction to this somewhere between a sigh and a cringe?

How could you possibly be any good at the prospecting and selling part of your business?  Snowballs?  Hell?

Would it surprise you to know that when it comes to selling, a large percentage of the most effective consultants and coaches (and technical salespeople) are introverts too?

How can this be?

Selling Isn’t Magic – It’s a Process, a Skill

Selling isn’t some magical alchemy given as a gift to a handful of ebullient consultants.

Selling is first and foremost a process applied to solving a problem

Isn’t that what you do for a living, solve problems?

Selling is just one more problem to solve, one more puzzle to complete.  It’s a skill, like so many others you’ve already mastered in your career.  What’s one more?  Especially if it can make a difference in whether you can replace your ailing car, let your kids graduate college without six-figure debt, or allow you to retire and do the pro bono work that makes your heart sing.

What if you knew that you could master a process and finally get comfortable and confident talking to prospects about larger ticket deals and executives who intimidated you in the past?  What if you could finally garner the respect and the fees you deserve?  Would you be willing to get a little out of your comfort zone to reap those advantages?

I believe great salespeople are made.  I’ve seen it hundreds of times.  The quiet, introverted salesperson cleans the clock of the loud boisterous glad-hander. 

How? The quiet consultant really listened and solved the problem.

And the glad-hander wonders how the quiet guy ate his lunch on that deal. 

Take Action – Make This Your Own

Set aside 20 minutes and ask yourself some key questions:

  1. Where do you run into the biggest challenge in the prospect conversation?
  2. Is it because you’re shy or is it because you are missing a critical skill set?
  3. How much is your business suffering because you resent the sales conversation?
  4. If you had a step-by-step process to follow, could you?  Would you?

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