Fish Ladder Days

A small fish ladder helps fish migrate past obstacles..

Ever had one of those days where everything seems uphill? It’s early in the day and you know you’re trapped on the treadmill until well after the sun sets? You listen to your own voice and you can hear that terse, grumpy sound – even when the other person has done little or nothing to […]

Have You Hit the Messy Middle?

We’ve all experienced it.  You started your year with clarity, energy, and vigor.  Your goals were set, you saw a clear vision for your future, and you felt ready to take on the world even if your goal was quite a stretch. And you had a pretty good start!  In January and February you dug […]

Selling: Voodoo or Bullet-Proof Process?


Ever hear yourself wondering something like, "why is selling so hard?" Or asking yourself: Why does selling have to be so uncomfortable? Why does my prospect have to ask all those annoying questions? Why are there objections? Why can’t my prospects just say yes? Even better, why can’t they ask me to take their money?  […]